A Spot in CCLEX to Take Selfies and TikTok Videos

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Who wouldn’t want to take a memorable photo at the CCLEX?

CCLEX is a beautiful infrastructure project. Aside from being known as the longest bridge in the Philippines, the third bridge connecting mainland Cebu to Mactan Island brings a sense of mystique and grandeur as you enjoy a view of the clear blue skies. 

The bridge’s intricate architecture has made its silhouette an iconic image of the city. With breathtaking city lights in the background, it also provides the best city views at night. 

When it first opened in 2022, motorists would stop in specific areas to take photos of themselves posing by the bridge or with the view of the city in the background as a remembrance or souvenir. 

This brought some severe safety hazards, as drivers would park their vehicles in the middle of the bridge, creating an obstruction for other passing vehicles. 

Management also found people stopping by areas intended to be emergency parking spots. CCLEX President Allan Alfon even had to debunk rumors that some tour packages offered a spot at the bridge for photo opportunities. 

While it’s rare to find traffic congestion within the bridge, there are dozens of people passing through it. In its first year of operation, around 3.6 million motorists used the CCLEX, translating to approximately 12,500 motorists a day. 

With the volume of passengers being that high, accidents can likely happen, so the CCLEX management reminded motorists repeatedly not to stop at any point on the bridge to ensure the safety of everyone passing through. 

However, motorists continued to stop and take photos of the mesmerizing infrastructure project.


CCLEX is known for its intricate architecture and breathtaking view.

To address this concern, the CCLEX management announced the construction of “Bisita Centers,” which will serve as a permanent spot where motorists can take selfies or make Tik Tok videos. 

These spaces give motorists the opportunity to do all those activities without risking their safety and that of others. These also offer an advantageous vantage point for a view of both Cebu and Cordova. 

Engr. Pericles Dakay, the Chairman of the CCLEX Project Steering Group (PSG), mentioned that there will be several vantage points where motorists can stop to take photos and appreciate the view. 

This will be separate from the existing pedestrian lanes for people who opt to walk or ride a bike. 

Management is also waiting patiently for patrol officers from the Land Transportation Office to be fully deployed. He reiterated, however, that they will not apprehend any violators, but only implement the different traffic rules. 

Since the safety of passersby is a main priority for the CCLEX, these Bisita Centers will offer a safe avenue for them to grab souvenirs of the time they passed through this iconic landmark.

This gives content creators, photography enthusiasts, and regular people a chance to hang out and take photos and videos in a safe space free from any serious risks.


The bridge itself may be finished, but construction around it continues in 2023. The management has already unveiled the CCLEX Food Park near the Cordova toll gate, but there are more things to expect. 

The CCLEX is expanding directly to the different barangays within the city, with the construction of a ramp leading to Cebu City’s Barangay Guadalupe. This will be the first road on the bridge giving direct access to the city’s inner villages. 

Subsequently, they are also working closely with officials from Cebu City, Cordova, and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to create public utility vehicle routes passing through the CCLEX.

Currently, the bridge is only accessible by private vehicles, and drivers must pay a 90 Php toll fee to pass by. However, you can still avail RFID cards in order to use cashless payments when you pass. 

You can avail the ID at select malls and business centers like SM Seaside Cebu and IL Corso Lifemalls.   

With its now iconic status, the CCLEX has become a landmark that Cebuanos will consider a part of Cebu’s history. It’s an image that is noticeable to everyone who passes by South Road Properties or the island of Cordova. 

Seeing it not only brings wanderlust to locals and tourists, but also nostalgia for those who have already passed by the area. It’s pretty clear why many motorists would want to stop and take selfies there. 

With safety precautions implemented to help keep motorists safe, taking selfies and Tik Tok videos can be more convenient for those who want to have a remembrance of the iconic CCLEX bridge.

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