What TOPS Visitors Are Saying about the Revamped Structure

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TOPS has a more modern look because of its newest structure, The Circle.

After a year-long renovation, TOPS introduces The Circle: a newly revamped structure with five floors overlooking a picturesque landscape of Cebu City. 

Aside from the view and the ambiance, there are several new food and beverage stalls to make your stay more worthwhile.

There are plans for new recreational venues, event spaces, and accommodation to highlight The Circle as the main social hub of the development project. 

The Cebu tourist spot will still feel familiar to many, with iconic features like the hexagonal tiles and semi-circle arches retained, albeit with a more modern aesthetic. 

Many have come to see what’s new at TOPS during its soft opening in 2024, with locals checking out the changes and foreigners enjoying this one-of-a-kind Cebu landmark. 

If you’re thinking about visiting yourself, you may want to know if it’s worth it. Who better to ask than those who have already been there? 

Last April, Cebu Insights interviewed several guests at TOPS about their impressions of the newly renovated structure. This may give you an idea of what makes the place so unique, and when the best time to go is. 


Have you been to this newly renovated Cebu tourist spot?

Did you know that TOPS is praised for being one of the most exciting and affordable places to visit in Cebu? 

Aside from Cebuanos who have been long-time fans of TOPS, a lot of tourists can be seen visiting the place as well, especially since many of their Filipino friends highly recommend it. 

My Filipino friends back home said that if you go to Cebu, you have to go to the TOPS,” said a foreign tourist from Melbourne, Australia. 

TOPS also comes up as one of the top places for sightseeing on the island. One American guest even pointed out that its panoramic view is the best he’s seen throughout his stay on the island. 

It’s gorgeous. It has that panoramic view. We can see the other area from across, so it’s interesting to be over there, this is really high up, and the view is amazing,” another American tourist shares. 

An awe-inspiring view. Having been new to the city, and not having seen the scale and the scope of how big the city is, it was amazing to see that,” says a first time visitor of Cebu from the States. 

The new structure has indeed earned tons of praise, with one guest calling it “top-notch.” He raved about the new concepts TOPS is bringing to Cebu, which includes renowned Okinawa-based steakhouse, Yappari Steak.

I love it! I think it’s beautiful. The building itself is top-notch, first class. And the view is amazing,” a guest from Miami, Florida said.  

Aside from foreigners, a few locals also took their time to go up the mountains of Busay and unwind at TOPS. Some even enjoyed the trip on the way there, noting its amazing ambiance.  

It’s my best experience so far, especially since we are call center agents. We get really stressed on weekdays. The surroundings are very refreshing, and it can really relieve stress,” a local guest said in a mix of English and Bisaya

Finally, several guests agreed that TOPS is an amazing place to visit at night, mostly because of the stunning city lights. The sunset is also a highlight, with the structure offering a wonderful vantage point. 

If I came again, I would come at night, or maybe in the evening. There’s a lot of nice restaurants over here. I think it would be a romantic place to come,” the Florida native points out.  

You have a beautiful sunset that you couple with it, and it makes amazing photographs. A memory I will always take with me from my visit to Cebu,” the first-time Cebu traveler mentions.

It’s easy to see that tons of guests enjoyed their time at TOPS, as they recommend fellow travelers to visit the place when they’re in Cebu. The unique five-storey structure is indeed beautiful, and the overlooking view is undeniably stunning. 

Whether you’re with friends or a significant other, TOPS will not disappoint. Get ready to fall in love with Cebu like never before, thanks to the amazing view that you can only enjoy at TOPS.

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