The Medellin Bamboo Forest: Cebu’s Tranquil Relaxation Spot

Bamboo Forest in Medellin

The Medellin Bamboo Forest in Luy-a is one of the most solemn tourist spots in Cebu, thanks to its many groves of bamboo trees.

The Northeastern town of Medellin is also known as the “sugar bowl of Cebu” because of its abundance of sugar canes. The town is famous for the island of Gibitngil which has a beautiful sandbar. You may have also heard about the Isle of Medellin which is a long road famous for its beautiful vegetation. There are so many Medellin tourist spots, from beautiful horizons to white sand beaches, but you may be surprised that Medellin also has its own Bamboo Forest.

Medellin’s Bamboo Forest is one of the most solemn, undisturbed, and peaceful tourist attractions in Cebu. Found in Barangay Luy-a, this serene man made forest is one of Cebu’s most instagrammable venues. Though it is still quite undeveloped, the rise of social media has made more people aware of this natural marvel.

You can say that this is similar to the Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, Japan, but smaller. The place has many lanes of bamboo trees which give the forest a beautiful view. You won’t get the same ambiance from the many parks in the city, as the sky is covered with a canopy of bamboo trees. When you walk around, you will feel like you are in an Akira Kurosawa movie. This would be a great place for those who want a beautiful place for a photoshoot or short film.


The Bamboo Forest is one of the lesser known tourist spots in Medellin, but is one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones.

This is a great place to visit no matter the time of day. Similar to many of Cebu’s flower gardens, this is a photography jackpot. If you love taking photos, you will definitely enjoy looking for different angles to satisfy your eye for photography. Though not as popular as other Medellin Cebu tourist attractions, the Bamboo Forest is still popular among tourists and locals alike, many of whom are aiming to look for the most photogenic place on the entire island.

Because of its calmness, this is the perfect place for a much needed getaway, especially from the busy streets of the city. Its serenity makes it the best place to unwind in Cebu. You can just sit down on one of the benches and chairs in the forest and be in awe of how such a place was ever made.

You can bring friends and family to experience this place with you. Whether you are young or old, a local or a tourist, you will be struck with wonder as to how a place like this could ever exist.

This man-made forest is a great place for those who love to take a lot of photos.

Some people may not know that this place exists because it is not yet completely developed as a tourist spot. One thing to remember is that this is still a natural tourist spot, and vandalism on the bamboo is not allowed. You can take as many photos as you want, but make sure not to destroy any of the trees.

If you are looking for other places in Medellin to go to, the Funtastic Island in Gibitngil is a famous place for an island experience where you can go ziplining, diving, and kayaking near the aforementioned sandbar. You can also try visiting the Isle of Medellin, which is a long winding road filled with rich vegetation, perfect for those classic drone shots.

You may be wondering how to get to Medellin, Cebu if you are living in the city. If you choose to commute, you have two options, either you ride a bus or a van for hire. Both vehicles can be found at the Cebu North Bus Terminal in SM City Cebu. You will have to ask the driver if he will pass by Medellin and tell him that you will be dropping off at the town proper.

Once you get there, you will see that there are many tricycle drivers passing by, looking for passengers. Hail one and ask the driver to take you to the Bamboo Forest. From the town proper to the forest, the fare would cost up to 50php.

When you get inside, they will ask for an entrance fee of 20php. Once you have paid for the entrance fee, you will get a chance to fully immerse yourself in the Bamboo Forest’s many pathways.

Bench at the Medellin Bamboo Forest

You will definitely enjoy just sitting down and appreciating the ambiance of the Bamboo Forest.

Though Medellin is not the closest place to where tourists usually stay, it offers many things in terms of the island’s tourism. The Bamboo Forest is still a baby in the tourism game, but the rise of social media will definitely help boost its popularity. It’s going to have to compete with other forests in the Philippines, but we can expect that visiting this place will be one of the best things to do when in Cebu.

The distance is a little intimidating for some, but the payoff will be worth it when you get there. This is a perfect place for those who just want to make memories by taking photographs. Rest assured, when you see the photos you took at the Bamboo Forest, you will love to tell your friends about it and wish to go back when you can.

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