This Minimalist Rest House in Argao Is an Amazing Hideaway

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Check out this minimalistic rest house in the town of Argao located in Southern Cebu.

We all love to relax and spend the day in a comfortable rest house. We can usually find this type of accommodation in far-flung areas, with a beach or pool and several other recreational activities to pass the time. 

Many Cebuanos have personal rest houses they can go to spend a weekend away from the city. However, some rest houses – like the Bercede Bay in Catmon, for example – have been converted into a guest house to help owners generate income. 

Zaruchi offers relaxing accommodation thanks to its minimalistic design elements.

The same is true with the beautiful Zaruchi Villa. This guest house provides a soothing atmosphere through its rustic architecture and magnificent view.

The villa can accommodate a minimum of three and a maximum of six air-conditioned rooms. The area is perfect for family gatherings, company outings, and barkada hangouts.

The rest house is ideal for a weekend staycation away from the city.


The rest house started as a project of the owner who is a registered architect. He used a minimalistic design, making the venue simple but contemporary. 

The walls are unpainted, reminiscent of old buildings. The facade of the main building is layered with bricks, giving it a modern loft or apartment-like look. 

Glass walls show the open space outside. Minimalist furniture, like the woven sofa and dining table, add to its unique appearance as well. 

There are a lot of elements that add to the overall rest house design.

One of the more noticeable pieces of furniture is the Yin-Yang-inspired couch in the main lobby. There is also a circular couch on the second floor if you want a better view. 

The rooms are complete with an air conditioning unit, bathroom, and multiple beds. Each room also has a glass window where you can peek at the mesmerizing view. 

There are rooms inside the main building and in the Bamboo house behind the basketball court. You can also chill out on the outdoor terrace. 

You can also enjoy the swimming pool and relaxing sea breeze at Zaruchi Villa.


As soon as you enter the rest house, you will already notice the many fun things you can do. 

They have a basketball court. There is only one hoop, so you can only play half-court games. 

You can jam to some tunes with the karaoke machine or play billiards in the outdoor lobby. Others can chill out on the Yin-Yang couch or the hammock. 

You can also take a swim in the gorgeous swimming pool, which is the main attraction. This vast open area can accommodate large groups, but note that there are specific rules to follow when swimming. 

You’re not allowed to bring food or drinks to the pool. Rough play is also prohibited, and wearing proper swimming attire is necessary. 

You can also doze off at the Net Lounge upstairs. The net can only carry two adults or around 200 kilograms at a time. 

Before getting on the net, you should empty your pockets and take off sharp objects to ensure safety. 

There is also a small playground where kids can enjoy the slide and swing set.

Zaruchi Villa offers a relaxing ambiance for a small group of family or friends, whether for a summer getaway or a weekend off work. The rustic design is aesthetically pleasing and can make your stay memorable and worthwhile. 

If you want to spend a few days away from the busy city life and bask in the quiet countryside atmosphere, this hidden gem is the perfect time-waster to visit with your loved ones. 


Exclusive Use Only


(Friday – Sunday)

Minimum of 25,000.00 good for 15pax (3 rooms)


(Monday – Thursday)

Minimum of 20,000.00 good for 15 pax (3 rooms)


(3 Extra Rooms)

7,000.00 per room up to 8 pax

The maximum capacity of the area is 40 people.


2 kids, aged 0-10 years old = 1 pax

11 years old and above = 1 pax


Exact Location: 

Sitio Baybayon, Argao, Cebu

  • BUS

You can take a bus to Argao at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. The fare will cost around 100 to 150 Php if you take an airconditioned Ceres Liner bus. Unfortunately, no sign will indicate where the house is, so you should use navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps to locate it. 

Along the highway, you should look for a sign that says “Methel Enterprises” and go uphill until you reach the rest house. The walk will take less than 15 minutes. The rest house has a black gate with a sign on the side saying “Zaruchi.”

However, it will be best to bring a private vehicle since the parking area is quite spacious.

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