Cascades Nature Park: What You SHOULD NOT Miss Out On

The open pond of the Cascades Nature Park

Cascades Nature Park is filled with luscious green trees that make for an outstanding outdoor recreational area.

Exploring the great outdoors is always an exciting idea. While some prefer to sit back and relax as they take in the beauty of mother nature, others want to get their adrenaline pumping.

Whatever it is you prefer, doing them at home will surely suffice, but there are places where you can up the ante.

This outdoor attraction has a list of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.

Compostela, a municipality in northern Cebu, is where you will find the famous Cascades Nature Park. This six-hectare piece of land is a great outdoor venue for celebrations like weddings, parties, social gatherings, and even just a short visit to relax and unwind.

The park used to be a privately owned horse ranch, but was later turned into a full blown tourist attraction in September 2020, adding water activities to their list of huge amenities.

Cascades’ main attraction is the man-made lake, where most of the outdoor activities take place.

The man-made lake is said to have been there for two decades now. Many of the park’s outdoor recreational activities are done here, starting with taking a stroll along the 285-meter walking path.

What makes this attraction even more fascinating is the amount of peace and quiet surrounding the area. Nature lovers will surely derive great pleasure from the place, but even those who have been buried deep in the busy city life can find sentimental value in appreciating the incredible gem that is mother nature.

Go for a swim, take a stroll, sit by the lake, or simply share a meaningful conversation with the person you’re with. The trees surrounding the park give off a small forest vibe, so you will definitely feel secluded and away from the everyday chaos of life.

The lake is definitely a sight to see. There are also cottages scattered throughout the park in case you prefer to sit back and relish its beauty.

There are kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards available if you wish to take part in the water activities. You can even go fishing! Just be sure to bring your own fishing pole. The lake has two types of tilapia and also some sea bass.

Outdoor activities at the lake include kayaking, strolling through the long walkway, and lounging in the cottages.

Finally, a golden brown bridge leads to the lake’s central island. This is supposed to be used as a facility for social events like concerts and performances, but you can also drop by if nobody is using it.

The golden brown bridge and central island of the lake are some of the other notable features at Cascades Nature Park.

Cascades also has large open fields where you can run around, play games and sports, have a picnic, or engage in any recreational activity you have in mind.

They also have one of the biggest swimming pools in Cebu, particularly in the northern part of the island. It’s four feet deep and 600 square meters in size, giving you more than enough room to swim around and have fun.

Cascades has one of the biggest swimming pools in Cebu.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Lake with Several Water Activities
    • Kayak, Canoe and Water Pedal
    • Central Island
    • Cottages
    • Fishing (Bring your own fishing pole)
    • Long Walkway
  • Large Open Field
  • Bar & Grill
  • Private Cottages
  • Free Parking


Day Pass

  • Adults (Ages 13+) – Php200
  • Children (Ages 3 to 12) – Php160
  • Seniors (20% off) – Php160
  • PWD (20% off) – Php160
  • Ages 2 and under – Free of Charge

Cottage and Tent Rentals

  • Poolside or Lakeside
    • Cabana (Good for 10 only) – Php1000
    • Casita (Good for 6 only) – Php500
  • Open Grass Field
    • Shade Tent (Good for 8 only) – Php300

Grill Rentals (Only in Grill Area)

  • Grill without charcoal – Php150
  • Grill with one bag of charcoal – Php200
    You can bring your own grill that is free of charge

Boat Rentals (Per Hour) - Shareable

  • Kayak (one seat) – P150
  • Paddle Board (one seat) – P150
  • Canoe (three seats) – P200
  • Pedal Boat (four seats) – P250


Cascades Nature Park is located in the municipality of Compostela, about 28 kilometers away from Cebu City. A jeepney or van for hire en route to Danao will pass by the town in case you prefer to commute. You can find several of these near SM City Cebu.

Be on the lookout for the Flying V Gas Station, which will serve as your landmark. This is also where you will find a sign indicating that the nature park is right across. You will have to ride a motorcycle taxi to get to Cascades. Fare will be 20Php per person.

Parking is free for those who wish to bring their own private vehicle.

There is a lot to love about Cascades Nature Park – from its scenery to its numerous fun activities. You can enjoy the great outdoors or do something productive during your stay, as the peaceful atmosphere will give you the headspace you need to relax, meditate, or unwind.

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