The Mill Lifestyle Cafe: Delicious Coffee & French Pastries

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Get your fill of delicious French pastries at the Mill!

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and French pastries being absolutely irresistible. 

Croissants, macarons, and pain au chocolat – these are perfect for dessert or as a light snack. They are famous for their buttery flavor and appealing presentation.

That being said, a bakery recently opened at Ayala Center Cebu, serving fresh French pastries that will surely excite foodies and cafe-hopping enthusiasts in the city.

The Mill Lifestyle Cafe has a chic interior design that offers customers a warm and cozy ambiance where they can enjoy a variety of freshly baked goods. 

Apart from their pastries such as breads and tarts, they also have classic French desserts that are perfect to pair with a cup of coffee.

This patisserie is located right at the entrance of Rustan’s in Ayala Center. You can also access the cafe via Cebu Business Park. 

The cafe is close to hotels and accessible through several public transportation options. 


This warm and cozy cafe is located at Ayala Center in Cebu Business Park

A selection of pastries and desserts will definitely get you salivating. As you can see, there are a lot to choose from. 

There’s the Kouign Amann that comes in different flavors. Bite-sized treats are also available, including salted chocolate fudge tarts and millionaire bars. 

The croissants come in plain or with almonds. Loaves of bread include the rustic baguette, ciabatta, and many more.

You can enjoy these at the cafe or bring them home with you. 

It’s a given that croissants are a standout at any French cafe or restaurant

These layered pastries have a flaky structure and buttery flavor. It’s definitely the go-to order for those looking for something simple yet delicious to pair with their coffee.  

Their pain au chocolat is a must-try. This French pastry is similar to a croissant, with layers of dough folded onto each other. However, it is made into a rectangular shape rather than a crescent.  

Pain au chocolat translates to “chocolate bread,” which explains the thick chocolate filling inside. 

If you want something new to indulge in, you should try another one of the croissant’s distant cousins, the kouign amann. This French breakfast item is considered the fattiest pastry in the world due to its density and sugary flavor. 

Interestingly, the kouign amann is a lesser-known dessert even within its place of origin. For many years, this one-of-a-kind pastry was only sold in the town of Brittany in Northwestern France.

It gained more popularity when bakeries outside of Brittany started serving them. The Mill is one of the only places in Cebu serving this unique delicacy. 

It’s also baked similarly to a croissant, but without milk and butter. Sugar is placed onto each layer to give it more flavor in the center and to caramelize the exterior.

The Mill also sells a chocolate version of the kouign amann, as well as one that is dipped in strawberry filling. 

Aside from French pastries, they also offer cookies, cakes, and tarts. These include chocolate chip cookies and florentine cupcakes. 

The Mill is surely on the radar of anyone who’s obsessed with coffee and French pastries. This could very well flourish into one of the top coffee shops in Cebu City. 


Exact Location: 

The Gallery, Ground Floor, Ayala Center Cebu 

The Mill is located on the right side of the mall entrance, along Luzon Avenue near Rustan’s. It is right next to Seda Hotel, right across from Cebu City Sports Club. 

From inside the mall, The Mill is located right next to Nespresso and right across from Birkenstock. 

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