City or Provincial Life: Which Is Better?

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Do you prefer living in the city or experiencing provincial life?

Which would you prefer? A city with tons of access to public transport, business centers, and career opportunities? Or a peaceful provincial life free from traffic, crowds, and pollution?

Everyone has their preferences, but either of these is valuable enough for a better life. One’s needs are important, and they should definitely be considered when picking out a place of residence.

Each lifestyle has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Before going to another part of the island, make sure you know what to expect. Familiarizing yourself with the location and the livelihood of your preferred place of residence is the first step to living through a big change in life. 

Each lifestyle has its perks and grievances, and it’s important that you know what they are to help you make a decision on your newly adopted lifestyle in Cebu. 

Here are a few things you should know about living in the city and living in the province.


  • Advantages

Cities are centers for commerce with people from various walks of life availing critical amenities and services. You will find a dozen shopping malls, government offices, and schools within the city center. 

Citizens are blessed with convenient access to healthcare, food, gadgets, and other important items. There are even a bunch of recreational activities including a lively nightlife full of bars and nightclubs. 

Employers would also station their offices in the city to give employees better accessibility. This allows more career opportunities, especially with a high-paying job.

Cities are also gifted with better infrastructure and public transportation to help traverse the many roads and landmarks. It’s also continuously improved every year, with projects being lined up for the benefit and convenience of the people. 

  • Disadvantages

With the number of employees, students, and residents fighting for more seats, commuting on jeepneys and buses can be a bit of a hassle. Sidewalks can be full of passengers waiting to catch a ride, too. 

Renting a place or buying a piece of land is more expensive in the city, and essentials have added tax, so expect a higher cost of living compared to provincial life. 

If you used to live in a quieter place, you will have to adapt to the city’s more hectic way of life. Streets and roads can be quite loud and hectic, with some of them having endless traffic. 

Some houses in the city are also built extremely close to each other, which gives residents less privacy. This may also be a fire hazard for some.


  • Advantages

The advantages and disadvantages of living in the province revolve mostly around a simpler lifestyle. This is perfect if you value solemnity and calmness over accessibility to lively recreational areas.  

Many areas in the province have been unaffected by infrastructure, so there is much cleaner and fresher air. Roads are typically free from traffic, making it a more peaceful place to live in. 

With a smaller population, major roads, highways, and sidewalks are less crowded. Many houses in the province have enough space to give residents some much needed privacy as well.

Since land costs are less in the province, it’s an ideal place to open a retirement home. You also won’t be spending much on natural resources, since there are tons of markets that sell fresh vegetables and fruits for a cheap price. 

Cebu province also has a dozen tourist spots such as beaches and mountains, and staying near them is definitely a plus. If you can afford it, you may think about buying a vacant lot by the sea and building a rest house you can visit during the summer. 

  • Disadvantages

Provincial life means a more minimalist lifestyle, with phone signals and the internet for rural areas being quite sparse. This may be a problem if you prefer a livelier area or wish to work at home. 

Rural residents also sacrifice having more businesses and establishments, with less access to supermarkets, malls, and hospitals in the province. You may have to travel to the city if there is something that you need, which could take time. 

Some areas in the province also have less public transport, so traveling around can be difficult. Jeepneys can only pass by specific areas, so you should probably consider buying a private vehicle if you opt for a more provincial life.

Since there are fewer businesses in the province, residents also have less career opportunities. Most countryside residents are forced to stay in the city to be closer to their office or workplace.


There are several things you need to consider before moving into your new place of residence, and the better choice will always come down to personal preference. 

Both lifestyles will give you a sense of contentment, especially if you know what to expect. Think about how you want to plan your life in Cebu, but also consider the things that you will have to sacrifice. 

Do you prefer a city with better access to services, but more people and more competition? Or sacrifice that access for a more quiet, solemn provincial life in the countryside? 

Think deep and hard about what you really need, and you probably won’t be disappointed. 

Cebu island has a lot to offer, and the best part is, it is slowly improving every year. 


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