R’ Cebu Expo Highlights the First District of Cebu Province

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The R’ Cebu Expo featured some of the best local offerings in the first district of Cebu Province.

The first district of Cebu province consists of the cities of Talisay, Naga, and Carcar, as well as the municipalities of Minglanilla, San Fernando, and Sibonga. These towns and cities are easily accessible locations on the island, as they are the first areas you pass by when going to the South. 

The Cebu Provincial Government has promoted several areas and establishments in Southern Cebu for many years, including the delicious local food and all kinds of well-known art forms. 

One particular event that helps promote tourism on the island is R’ Cebu, and they recently had an expo at Robinsons Galleria on July 15, 2022. 

The R’ Cebu Expo allowed the first district to showcase its most popular and not-so-popular products, with a selection of Cebuano delicacies, novelty items, souvenirs, and many more.

Cebu Provincial Governor Gwendolyn Garcia graced the event along with other high-ranking officials.

Cebu Provincial Governor Gwendolyn Garcia graced the event, along with DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos, First District Representative Rhea Gullas, and DOT-7 Regional Director Shahlimar Tamano. 

(From Left: Gwendolyn Garcia, Benhur Abalos, Rhea Gullas, and Shahlimar Tamano)

Mayors and Tourism officers from different towns in Cebu Province also attended the Expo, while local dance groups performed as part of the event’s program.


  • Talisay

The City of Talisay is considered the Lechon Capital of Cebu. It celebrates its yearly Halad-Inasal Festival, which features a parade of colorful floats and a bevy of street-side vendors selling their versions of lechon.

While there is an ongoing debate as to which city has the best lechon in Cebu (Talisay or Carcar), one of the most popular restaurants to get this tasty dish is at Mila’s Lechon. This well-known lechon restaurant has served its signature suckling pig since the 1960s and has multiple branches outside Cebu. 

Talisay City officials showcased the restaurant at the event to serve their roasted pigs. Visitors were able to buy their lechon and try out this iconic piece of Cebu food culture. 

Also featured was a variety of metal and wooden crafts you can use as decorations for your home. These are made from local materials and are perfect for creating a more native design for your abode. 

  • Minglanilla

You may know Minglanilla because of its yearly celebration of the Sugat Kabanhawan festival on Easter Sunday. However, there are a number of new tourist attractions that have opened within the municipality over the years.

Anjo World, the biggest amusement park in Cebu, joined the event to offer discounts on their rides and other recreational activities. The theme park offers roller coaster rides, bumper cars, and a ferris wheel to get your heart pumping.  

Right next to Anjo World was Lloyd’s Coffee, a coffee shop located within the same compound as the amusement park. They sold their brewed coffee for people to try and gave all kinds of discounts and freebies. 

Another cafe featured at the Minglanilla booth was Teology, which specializes in milk tea products instead of coffee. Teology is also a popular hangout spot for young professionals due to its delectable menu of meals and snacks. 

  • Naga

The City of Naga is an entertaining nightlife spot because of its wonderful boardwalk, busy plaza, and the newly opened Pasilong sa Naga. They had one of the more fascinating booths at the event, featuring artwork made by inmates from their city jail.

The booth for the City of Naga featured a collection of handmade crafts like replicas of ships and the Magellan’s Cross. They also tapped local artists to make true-to-life paintings of Whang-Od and Jesus Christ. 

The most impressive creation had to be the replica of the Thousand Sunny, the ship that boarded the Straw Hat Pirates in the anime series One Piece. 

The Naga booth also sold banana cake from PEAstry, a local bakery. The shop is currently undergoing renovation after suffering damage from Typhoon Odette. However, they were able to move to two other locations at Il Corso Lifestyle Malls and Ayala Center Cebu. 

  • San Fernando 

San Fernando may not be as big of a tourist destination as its neighboring towns, but it also has a list of offerings that make it a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

The San Fernando exhibit endorsed their arts industry, featuring a couple of tattoo shops and inviting an artist to do some live sketching.

Their booth featured local snacks like Buko Pie, Torta, and Sapin-Sapin. These are popular street-side snacks sold by vendors along the road to the South.

Like other booths, they also had a bunch of locally made souvenirs and novelty items that you can use as home decor or for everyday tasks. 

  • Carcar 

Carcar City is known for having some of the best food to eat in Cebu. While locals are familiar with the city’s lechon, they have a lot more to offer other than their iconic roasted pigs.

Another popular delicacy in Carcar is their local pork rinds called Chicharon. These are perfect as a snack or paired with rice for a heavy meal. Mat-Mat, one of the more popular chicharon vendors in the city, had a booth at the event and sold bags of pork rinds for the attendees.  

Lesser-known delicacies including Ampao, Peanut Turon, and Bocarillo were also featured at the Carcar booth. These are all commonly sold by street vendors or at the City Plaza. 

The R’ Cebu Expo also featured Vhonytiff – a food products company based in Carcar – selling their original honey-dipped Banana Chips.

  • Sibonga  

Last but not least is the quiet town of Sibonga. Many Cebuanos know this municipality as the town where the Simala Shrine is. But did you know that it has a lucrative pottery business?

Clay pots from Abugon – the community where most of the pot makers reside – were sold during the event. These came in different shapes and sizes for customers to choose from. 

The municipality wanted to feature the business to make Cebuanos aware of this lesser-known community and support local products. 

Their booth also sold locally made shrimp paste, a dip commonly paired with green mangoes sold as street food. 

The first district of Cebu province has many things for you to explore and experience. Not only are the cities and towns filled with delicious dishes and snacks, but there are also many places to go and see. 

The R’ Cebu was the perfect opportunity to learn more about these areas and what they can offer to locals and travelers alike. It also allowed vendors to sell more products, holding the event in an accessible location in Cebu City. 

The booths were able to give everyone a rundown of what the aforementioned locations have to offer. Keep these products and delicacies in mind the next time you visit the first district of Cebu province!

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