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    It doesn’t matter if you only have one day itinerary in Cebu, for a month, or more. Despite being known as Sugbo, a derivation from an old Cebuano word Sibu or Sibo which means trade, you got nothing to trade off while scouring the beauties around Cebu.

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    Food is an essential component of life. It’s not just something that a person enjoys, but anyone seeking the ambience of the restaurants in Cebu should make it a point to put some places to get a good meal on their Cebu tourist spots itinerary.

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    Shopping in Cebu is at another level. Anywhere you are in the metropolis, make no mistake that a shopping mall is just around the corner. Whether you are looking to buy souvenirs, shirts, accessories, or food, shopping malls in Cebu have it all.

  • Traveling to Cebu, Philippines, is more than just experiencing the sights and sounds. More importantly, it is about witnessing firsthand the culture of the people. And when we talk about culture, transportation is always the most important.

  • For those who want to learn all about Cebu, one of the first things they’ll discover is what is Cebu known for. One possible answer to that is the beaches.

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The Mactan Art Fest signage at the entrance of the Island Central Mall

Mactan Art Fest | An Exhibit of Creative Masterpieces

A group of artists from all over Lapu-Lapu City gather for the very first Mactan Art Fest. Artists from around Lapu-Lapu City collaborated to bring the first Mactan Art Fest. This inaugural exhibit displayed exquisite original artwork portraying the lives and experiences of artists through various mediums and methods. This

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The shore of the white sand beach at Cebu White Sands Resort

Cebu White Sands Resort: Mactan’s Top Relaxing Vacation Spot

Enjoy a relaxing staycation or a fun getaway here at Cebu White Sands Resort! Cebu White Sands Resort is one of the coziest resorts in Lapu-Lapu City. Its blend of contemporary architecture and state-of-the-art amenities creates the perfect summer staycation atmosphere. (Photos courtesy of Cebu White Sands Website) The resort

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Children dressed up as angels drop flower petals to an image of Mama Mary at the Sugat Kabanhawan in Minglanilla.

Sugat Kabanhawan sa Minglanilla | A Grand Easter Festival

Children in angel costumes hang from harnesses during the Kabanhawan Festival in Minglanilla. The first-class municipality of Minglanilla celebrates Easter quite differently compared to its neighboring provinces. A local event filled with high-flying acrobatics, jaw-dropping dance routines, and heart-pumping action perfectly caps off an otherwise solemn Holy Week. The Sugat

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Woman freediving in Cebu waters

Medellin Cebu: A New Diving Attraction for You?

Several diving spots in Medellin Cebu could potentially make it a top diving location. Medellin Cebu has many tourist spots that are perfect for anyone who’s looking to spend a much-needed vacation. Fun-filled summer getaways and stunning landscapes have warranted numerous road trips from locals and foreigners in the past.

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